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Please click on the link below to see our latest updates and videos:

Here is the Mt. Hermon Council Nominating Committee's letter to the congregation. Please prayerfully consider serving on the Church Council or the 2021 Nominating Committee.

In other news, you can see a video of our latest Mt. Hermon Council "Moment" on our Facebook page. Here is the text:

The Mt. Hermon Council met this past Wednesday, March 25th  and it was the Council’s first-ever online video conference 
in light of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Pastor Michael Frye opened the meeting with a prayer of concern for the COVID-19 emergency and asked that we pray for the doctors and nurses, the elderly and all those at high risk.

Pastor Michael told the Council that he took part in an online video conference with the ELCA North Carolina Synod. The Bishop Timothy Marcus Smith suggested that all churches consider cancelling their services and other gatherings until May 12th. Pastor Michael went into greater detail regarding this matter in a letter you can see below.


On a positive note, Pastor Michael also gave God thanks for the wedding of Council member Valerie Frank. She married Tony Steigerwald on Sunday, March 22nd. Of course we all wish blessings of peace and joy to the newlyweds!

Pastor Michael asked those on Council to call every member of Mt. Hermon and check on their well-being. 

The Council then discussed virtual services for Holy Week. Members agreed that Mt. Hermon's leadership would put every effort toward keeping the congregation informed via the church's Web site, Facebook page and email messages.

The Treasurer stated that given these trying times everything was going as well as could be expected. Members of the congregation are still making financial contributions through the mail or simply dropping off their checks in the Church mailbox. The Treasurer checks the mailbox every day. Mt. Hermon does have a “Rainy Day Fund,” but if the members continue giving as they are, then we as a Church can certainly consider ourselves blessed.  

The Council Meeting concluded with the Lord’s Prayer. 

You can look for the text of my message posted along with this video, on the Web site and I will ask Linda to pass it along through emails and maybe even the newsletter.

Finally, please don’t hesitate to call or email with any questions or concerns.

Thanks to everyone. I look forward to seeing you all again soon. Remember, in this season of Easter, make like Pontius Pilot and wash your hands!

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Here is the letter from Pastor Michael Frye regarding the adjustments we are making to our worship services in the coming weeks:


Once we get through our COVID-19 pandemic:

JOIN US FOR BIBLE STUDY MONDAY NIGHTS @ 6 p.m.  Communion is served.  We are reading through the Bible one book at a time.


Mt. Hermon has a FREE Pantry in it's parking lot. If you or someone you know is in need of food.  please visit our pantry. Take what you need, give what you can. If you care to give, just drop it off at the pantry or bring to the church office.