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Donate to CCM

Our Social Ministry team is collecting donations for Cooperative Christian Ministry. These are their critial needs:

  1. Canned chicken

  2. Other canned meats (hash, chili, vienna sausages, etc.)

  3. Low salt corn and green beans

  4. Canned peas, carrots, and potatoes

  5. Any kind of canned beans (baked, chili, kidney) except for green beans and pintos

  6. Any canned fruit (mixed, peaches, pineapple) except for pears

  7. Pasta

    ***As always, they especially seek low sodium, no sugar-added, & whole grain items.


They especially seek low sodium, no added sugar, and whole grain items.

Currently, they have plenty of: Canned green beans, canned pintos, pears, pasta sauce (15 oz), tuna, and soup.

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